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Synthetic Oil Changes Prevent and Efficiently Deal With Sludge Buildup Problems in Your Engine

One important aspect of caring for your vehicle is keeping it clean. Sure, washing your car's exterior and making sure it is looking good on the outside are important. Yet, the inside also needs to be kept as clean as possible while the engine needs to stay protected against different types of buildup. Sludge is one of the most common forms of gunk that directly affects engine performance. In order to prevent sludge in your engine, you need to be aware of the causes of it and what you can do to avoid it.

What is Sludge and What Effect Does it Have on Your Engine?

Sludge is the residue that is left when motor oil breaks down. It tends to be a sticky, greasy substance that can make its way into different parts of the engine. Sludge can clog up areas of the engine and block passages that are vital to the engine's function. This can lead to different types of malfunctions. In cases where the sludge problem is not dealt with in a timely manner, it can wreck the engine completely.  Sludge and slime can also build up in other areas of the engine, such as the radiator. Click here to read AMSOIL´s recommendations for dealing with sludge in your radiator.

Weaker Motor Oils Tend to Cause More Sludge Buildup

A common cause for the oil breakdown that causes sludge is the exposure to acute temperatures. Exposure to intensified degrees will easily alter the composition of more fragile motor oils. To best avoid sludge buildup, use a motor oil that can perform in any sort of weather and all types of conditions. The only engine oil that will be able to withstand the most troublesome conditions without being affected is synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil Is Always the Best Option for Avoiding and Dealing With Sludge Buildup

Synthetic oil is the ideal combination of protection, prevention, and resolution towards all sorts of engine dangers. The laboratory perfected formula of synthetic oil allows it to prevent sludge and to effectively remove it from the engine. Go for a synthetic oil change this summer and stay protected against sludge and other possible problems. AMSOIL synthetic oil delivers immediate results and full protection. Contact us right now and ask about the AMSOIL products that suit the needs of your engine.

Checking on the Oil Filter and Changing It as Needed Help Efficiently Remove Sludge

When synthetic oil circulates through the engine it absorbs all the sludge buildup. As it passes through the oil filter it is removed and left behind in the filter. When an engine has a large accumulation of sludge, synthetic oil will work to remove it but the oil filter may soon become saturated. This may only happen the first few times until the sludge that had built up over time is removed. It is important to regularly check the oil filter to make sure it has not lost its ability to filter out impurities. Regardless of what type of motor oil you use, it is necessary to change the oil filter. The dirt, gunk, and sludge that is removed by the oil filter can excessively accumulate and start to incorporate back into the oil as it passes through it. This will cause the oil to spread out the sludge and dirt and make the whole process counterproductive.

Delaying Oil Changes Will Lead to Greater Sludge Production

Although using a regular oil can contribute to sludge because of the fragile composition, there is another cause that is even more dangerous. Failure to change the oil regularly is the most common cause of sludge. Dirt, moisture, and other contaminants make their way into the oil and cause it to form sludge. When using regular motor oil it is important to replace and change the oil much more often. Dirty and worn out oil not only create more sludge but they also place the engine at greater risk because of the decline in their lubricating properties. With synthetic oil, you are able to go longer between oil changes, but it will still need to be replaced. Otherwise, the same problem can happen as the oil absorbs contaminants and eventually wears out.

This Summer Change the Oil Filter With Your Synthetic Oil Change in Upper Arlington

Start with the simplest and most direct way to help your engine: get a synthetic oil change today. To maximize the positive results use AMSOIL products. Contact Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil at (614) 832-7737 and get your engine the best protection with the quality products it deserves.

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