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Oil Checks and Synthetic Oil Changes Prevent Most Engine Problems

Checking the oil can help avoid several difficulties in the engine of your vehicle. We have mentioned this before, but we want to take the time today to explain in further detail why checking the oil and getting a synthetic oil change can be a wise choice to prevent engine problems.

Why It Is Important to Keep Checking the Oil Often

Checking the oil lets you know several things, among those, the most important would be to let you when oil needs to be added. When an engine starts requiring more oil to be added sooner than normal, it is time to get it inspected. It is ok to have to add oil once in a while, but if you check the oil routinely and often need to be adding oil then it may be a sign that something is wrong. There are several reasons why the oil may be consumed more quickly. The most common reason is that there is a leak somewhere and the oil is being wasted. Another reason could be that there is an internal problem somewhere in the engine that is making it work harder and require more than the normal amount of oil. However, sometimes it is actually the motor oil that you use that can make a difference. If you use conventional motor oil and after your car is inspected you find that there is no leak or internal problem, then you need to start using synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil Reduces the Need to Add Oil Often

Driving habits and other conditions impact the use of motor oil. A lot of start and stop driving will consume the fluids in your vehicle more quickly, and if you drive under harsh conditions often, conventional motor oil won't last very long and may be used up quickly. Synthetic oil, however, will last much longer and be able to perform without a problem, even in strong temperatures, difficult terrain, or under harsh driving habits. Reduce the need for frequent oil changes when you use AMSOIL synthetic oil and start noticing the difference today. Contact us here to find out more about how to care for your vehicle and improve engine performance.

Steps and Tips for Checking Your Oil

In order to check the oil, you must first make sure that the engine is cool, especially if it has been running for a while. Once the engine is no longer hot you can then proceed to look under the hood to find the oil dipstick and pull it out. Have something in hand to wipe the dipstick with and leave it clear of any oil marks, then place it back inside. Let it sit for a few seconds then pull it out again. Usually, the oil dipstick has a two markers, one on top and a lower one. These markers might be lines or letters. The top line or indicator means the oil level is full and the lower means it oil needs to be added. The second time you pull out the dipstick, do not wipe the oil off, instead look at the film left by the oil. Remember that it should be closer to the top mark. The oil should not be allowed to get so low to the point in is below the bottom line, as this can be incredibly dangerous for the engine. If the oil mark is between the two lines it would be best to add a bit more, but if it is very close to the full line then it won't be necessary. If the oil is close to the bottom mark, it means more oil should be immediately added.

What Else to Look for When Checking the Oil

Observing the state the oil is in is also part of checking your oil. It is ok for the oil to be a light chocolate color, but if it seems to be almost black or a deep dark color then it may not be in such a great state anymore. When looking at the dipstick for the second time, and after you have taken notice of the level, touch the film of oil left on the dipstick with your fingers. It should feel slippery and clean. If it leaves a dirt mark or feels like there are sludge particles then it probably isn't in such a good state and should be changed soon.

Get Synthetic Oil Change in Upper Arlington

The best way to keep your engine around for a long time and in great conditions is by using AMSOIL full synthetic oil. At Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil we have just what your vehicle needs and what your wallet wants, call us now (614) 832-7737 to find out more about our synthetic oil deals and specials.

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