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Synthetic Oil Helps Your Vehicle Last Longer While Reducing Environmental Harm

There is no way to sugar coat this, all vehicles contaminate, at least to some degree, but they also help us complete many essential jobs and allow good things to happen. They get us places far and fast and make emergencies easier to deal with by letting us reach help, faster. Life just doesn't work adequately without them, which is why taking care of your vehicle is important. However, this doesn´t mean that you can´t make better choices for the environment while caring for your vehicle and enhancing the performance of your engine.

Conventional vs. Synthetic Which Is Better for Our Planet?

Several things must be considered in order to understand the overall picture of which motor oil type is less destructive to the environment. How the motor oil is created and what it is made of matters, as this is what helps determine other important results. The composition of motor oil makes a great difference in the duration and performance of the engine, it also alters how long the motor oil lasts before needing to be replaced as well as change other factors that affect the engine and by consequence the atmosphere.

Synthetic Oil Outperforms Conventional Oil and Reduces Dangerous Oil Waste

The outstanding structure of synthetic oil is thanks to its more artificially elaborated conversion of molecules into superior components that offer sturdy and highly efficient lubrication, protection and constant benefits. On the other hand, conventional oil is not quite as effective. It is composed of crude materials extracted from petroleum, a more natural base that is not only a limited resource but also more organic matter that makes conventional motor oil prone to faster decay of its lubrication properties. In regards to performance, benefits and prolonged protection synthetic oil is definitely the winner, but this not only makes it the best option for your vehicle, it also makes it a more viable alternative for the environment. With Amsoil full synthetic oil you can start making a more earth sympathetic choice while enhancing your engine. Contact Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil for direct help in choosing the right Amsoil products for your vehicle.

Conventional Motor Oil Produces Too Much Oil Waste for the Environment

At some point all motor oil will need to be changed, the difference is how long it lasts before this is required. Petroleum-based motor oil will not go very far before it starts to wear out and need to be changed. Since it needs to be changed more often it also means that more oil is used in a shorter period of time. The average vehicle gets driven about 18,000 miles a year. In that period, it is safe to say that conventional motor oil would require around 3-4 oil changes. If each oil change consumes about a gallon of oil that is around 4 gallons a year for one single vehicle, but there are more than two million vehicles in the United States. That equals a huge amount of oil being used and discarded every year. Helping reduce this amount is beneficial to the planet and to your wallet, and in fact, it doesn´t take much to be able to keep the waste products of motor oil from accumulating and increasing. The best way to help is by choosing to get synthetic oil changes instead of using just regular motor oil every time.

Synthetic Oil´s Longer Duration Prevents High Amounts of Oil From Being Discarded

Full synthetic oil lasts over three times as much as conventional oil and in some cases even more. For example Amsoil´s full synthetic Signature Series motor oil can safely be used for about 25,000 miles before it requires a change. Going back to the average 18,000-mile drive that most cars make in a year, this means that you would only be getting one synthetic oil change about every year and a half. That is around 5 gallons of oil being saved a year for one car, and the more cars that start using longer duration synthetic oil the more oil that is prevented from ending up in the wrong places and contaminating our planet. For more information on how you can save and start reducing the amount of oil changes you need, read our previous post here.

Help the Planet With Our Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Dublin

Take the best step towards improving your engine and our planet, today, with a synthetic oil change. At Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil you can buy Amsoil products at smarter prices. Call us now at (614) 832-7737 and learn about our Amsoil specials.  

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