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Improve Fuel Efficiency With Synthetic Oil and These Tips

Although many advancements have helped oil technology and other car fluids improve, there is still a continuous search for better more environmentally friendly products for our vehicles. Since many of us can´t live without our cars and our vehicles require the use of several fluids in order to work, it is unlikely that we will be able to completely eliminate the use of such products. At least until less harmful options are available, but what we can do is make an effort to reduce the amount of environmentally harmful substances that we use. Gasoline is one of those more toxic substances, and reducing its use will not only make a positive impact on the planet, it will also help our wallets. That is why today at Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil, we want to discuss how synthetic oil can help achieve this.

Gasoline Use Produces Air Pollution

In another post, we established the importance of reducing dangerous oil waste and explained how synthetic oil´s longer lasting properties helps reduce the amount of oil being disposed of. It is true that oil waste that is improperly disposed of contaminates our waterways and damages our planet, but gasoline is an even more abundant contaminator. Fuel such as gasoline is constantly being burned up as you drive your car, it is consumed regularly and needs to be refilled often. Gasoline along with other types of fuels release byproducts when they are burned up. These byproducts are hazardous to our health and harmful to our environment. The less gasoline that is consumed the less pollution there will be, and although completely cutting out gasoline may not seem like possible, there are several simple action steps we can take to reduce it.

Use Synthetic Oil to Improve the Fuel Efficiency of Your Engine

One of the best ways to help improve fuel efficiency and reduce the amount of fuel consumption is to use full synthetic motor oil. There is a direct relation between the motor oil in your engine and how well it functions. The more lubrication and protection that the motor oil provides, the better and more efficient the engine will be, and if the engine is working efficiently, most of the task that it is responsible for will be done effortlessly, simultaneously reducing the amount of fuel it requires to complete them.  Using a powerful synthetic oil such as those that Amsoil offers, can make all the difference. Contact Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil now, and make a smarter, healthier choice for your engine and the environment, today.

Fuel Is Not Just Used for Getting the Vehicle to Move

Since the engine only uses about 30% of the gasoline for powering the movement of the vehicle the rest goes to fuel smaller tasks such as the water pump, the radiator, the alternator, etc. About 5% is attributed to friction loss and this can almost be eliminated with the use of quality synthetic oil. However, there are also a few other things you can do to help save on gasoline and reduce the air pollution caused by its byproducts.

3 More Ways to Save Gasoline Without Having to Leave Your Car Behind

  • Drive mindfully. Speeding, stop and go driving and excessive brake use, can also greatly increase the amount of gasoline that your vehicle consumes. Speeding increases the need for gasoline use and stop-and-go driving wastes most fluids in the car. Stop and go driving is like sprinting, running full speed and making sudden stops will cause the engine to wear out faster and use up all fluids quickly.
  • Care for your tires. The tires can also face difficulties and cause the engine to be forced to work harder to get them to move. If your tires are not fully inflated they might be forcing your engine. Check the air in your tires and make sure they are all inflated to the level that your car manufacturer recommends.
  • Choose the right option for keeping cool. Air conditioners can use up a great deal of fuel. On a hot day try to lower your windows to keep cool, but if you drive at more than 50 mph then it might be a better option to use the air conditioner until the temperature decreases and then turn it off since the air coming in will also cause resistance and reduce fuel efficiency.

Save Even More With our Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Columbus

Changing your oil and making sure that your engine is well maintained will also help maintain gasoline use to a minimum. Get your synthetic oil change today and use Amsoil, the leading brand in quality synthetic oil. At Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil, we have all the best products for your synthetic oil change and all aspects of engine care. Call (614) 832-7737 today.  

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