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The engine is what makes your car come to life, its job is of great importance.  This means that every aspect of engine maintenance is essential, and oil changes are a key factor if you want to keep your car around for a good while. One of the most harmful effects that the engine faces is friction, that is why today at Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil, we want to discuss how you can prevent the negative effects of friction from harming your engine, with a synthetic oil change.

Engines Function Best With a Synthetic Oil Change

Since the engine is what keeps the vehicle running, it undoubtedly needs to keep every single piece that helps it function, in top conditions. Friction caused by the moving parts of the engine, puts the entire vehicle at risk. Inside the engine, there are different pieces that need to be moving regularly in order to keep the engine working. Now, these pieces usually slide up against each other and that contact created by their continuous motion leads to a certain resistance between them, known as friction.

Friction Harms the Engine Parts and can Destroy Your Vehicle

The reason friction is harmful is because, without a cushion between the moving parts, the abrasion becomes so extensive that it wears the pieces out and eventually they stop working which causes malfunctions in the engine. In more serious cases if the friction escalates intensely, it can rip up the parts or pieces so abruptly that they could cause a much larger harm inside the engine, and breakdown the engine so badly, that it may result irreparable, or be an extremely expensive repair cost. In any case, it is best to never find out first hand just how harmful engine friction can be.

Protect Your Engine Against Friction With Synthetic Oil

Luckily the lubrication system exists, and was created as a defense mechanism against friction and its effects. The lubrication system, also referred to as the oil system, is in charge of helping the motor oil travel to the right spots and coat the engine pieces with a cushion that helps the moving pieces slither comfortably past one another, without much abrasion or rough scratching. The motor you use can make all the difference in how well and how effectively the engine is lubricated. For the best lubrication and total coverage against friction, use a full synthetic motor oil, such as Amsoil. Amsoil eliminates the disastrous effects of friction and provides many other advantages. Read about the many benefits of synthetic oil in our previous post here, and be sure to check out our Amsoil online store for great products and optimum full synthetic oil. In the event you need additional help or have any questions regarding our full synthetic products you can also contact us here.

How the Oil System Works to Prevent Friction

The oil system has different sections and parts that allow it to conduct the motor oil from the oil pan and into the parts of the engine that need to be lubricated. It is composed by the oil pump, the pick up tube, the oil filter, the oil pan, and a few other parts and sections that help get the job done. When you turn on your vehicle, the engine gets working right away, this means that the lubrication system also needs to get moving immediately. It starts out by absorbing the oil the oil from the oil pan, by the oil pump, and into the pick up tube.  Its important to mention that a good working oil pump will suction out more than enough oil to make sure the engine does not lack a proper amount of lubrication. The abundant oil that is suctioned out can create an excess of pressure that is relived by the pressure relief valve. The oil then travels to the oil filter and most impurities and any soot it may carry are removed, in order to allow it to enter the spurt holes and galleries that assist in evenly distributing the oil to the necessary areas. Once the oil has coated the engine parts that require lubrication, with a thick coat of slippery cushion, it then slides back into the oil pan where it continues this cycle, over and over, as long as the engine is on.

Synthetic Oil Change Specials in Hilliard

Taking care of your engine and protecting it against friction doesn´t have to be a hard task. All you need to do is help the lubrication system do its job in the most efficient manner, with a synthetic oil change. Amsoil synthetic oil gets the job done the right way. Keeping your engine safe and sound, call us now at (614) 832-7737 and ask about our Amsoil specials today.

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