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A synthetic oil change can provide many advantages for your car, in our previous post we listed several reasons why you should get a synthetic oil change and how it can benefit the engine. One of those benefits is the fact that synthetic oil lasts much longer while keeping its protective properties intact. Today, at Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil we want to further discuss that advantage and how it can lead to savings for you and help the planet.

A Synthetic Oil Change Is the Best Way to Save

The heart of any vehicle is the engine, and the way to keep it healthy and alive is by making sure that the blood it pumps works properly. That blood is the motor oil, and it must remain clean and in the right amount. Motor oil must constantly work to provide the best lubrication for the engine. However, because the vehicle is a machine it cannot renew the motor oil it uses, and eventually all motor oil must be replaced. Not changing the motor oil on time can cause the oil to accumulate residues and other debris that may hinder its performance. Synthetic oil does not need to be changed as often as other motor oils and does not sacrifice quality or protection, while it continues to provide the highest level of lubrication. Amsoil is the most efficient synthetic oil on the market, purchase Amsoil quality products in our online shop or contact us directly to find the right items for your vehicle.

All Motor Oil Eventually Needs to Be Changed

It is essential that the oil be changed as needed, if the oil changes are prolonged for too long the oil will no longer be able to fully lubricate or protect the engine and the engine will suffer from the terrible effects of friction. Engine wear caused by friction and the lack of proper lubrication will lead to engine parts being damaged or broken and eventually complete engine wreck. All of this can be easily prevented by making sure the motor oil is clean, sufficient in quantity and that its protective properties have not been deteriorated. Checking the engine oil often can help you make sure it remains in good condition and that the amount is not decreasing due to other factors.

Conventional Motor Oil Needs to Be Changed More Often

As a standard rule conventional motor oil usually needs to be changed around every 3,000 miles but it may be less or more depending on the quality of the motor oil you use, the driving conditions, the temperature, and your driving habits. Also, other engine malfunction may interfere in how often the oil needs to be changed. For example a crack in a seal or minor damages, can lead to oil leaks and eventually larger engine wreck. Add oil if needed and change the oil according to your manufacturer´s recommendations.

Prolonged Oil Changes With Amsoil Synthetic Oil

Since synthetic oil is able to keep its protective and lubrication properties much longer regardless of extreme temperatures or other harsh conditions, it does not need to be changed often. Along the many benefits that synthetic oil offers is the fact that it can last up to twice as long and in some cases longer, than any conventional motor oil. For example Amsoil Signature Series full synthetic oil lasts up to 25,000 miles in between oil changes. This is more than five times what other motor oils can endure, and can considerably add up in savings, not to mention all the time saved taking your car to get the oil changed or doing it yourself.

Fewer Oil Changes Help the Environment

Getting oil changes very often is also not the best thing, it is not good for the environment and may be unnecessary. Another important factor to consider is the environment. Reducing oil changes by using synthetic oil is a great way to not just save money but also a good way to help the environment. Conventional motor oil deteriorates much more quickly when confronted with high temperatures and other difficult conditions. In a year a car that uses regular oil and is moderately driven will end up needing around 2-3 oil changes. With synthetic oil it might only need to be changed one time a year and if using Amsoil Signature Series it might only need to be changed around every year and a half. This leads to a lot of oil saved and not wasted and disposed of.

Longer Intervals With a Synthetic Oil Change in Columbus

Test the incredible benefits of full synthetic oil, today. Amsoil is the first and finest synthetic oil in the market and can keep your engine in the best conditions and enhance its performance. Provide the best for your vehicle, and get a synthetic oil change, today. Call us now at (614) 832-7737 .

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