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In our previous post we discussed how synthetic oil is not just for cars and other vehicles, but in fact can be used for almost all machinery and motor as long as you stick to manufacturer´s recommendations regarding oil weight. Today at Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil we want to further discuss how effective and beneficial a synthetic oil change can be for your vehicle.

Synthetic Oil Changes Offer Many Advantages

Synthetic oil has a molecular composition that is far stronger and more advanced than other conventional oils. This is because the composition of synthetic oil is much more laboratory altered and synthetic than that of regular motor oil, because of this, it is able to provide much more resistance against factors that would otherwise alter the structure of regular motor oil and decrease its protective benefits. This means that while the molecules of conventional motor oil are quickly altered with avert temperature changes, synthetic oil can maintain its properties against these and other factors and thus results in prolonged intervals between oil changes, not needing to be changed as often as other motor oils. Contact us immediately on (614) 832-7737 or visit our online store and find the finest and most complete synthetic oil for your vehicle.

Switching to Synthetic Oil is Convinient and Safe

Synthetic oil has many benefits and you have probably heard of a few, but like with all products you might also hear a few statements that are not always true. A common myth out there is that once you started using regular conventional oil it may be unsafe to switch over to synthetic oil. This statement is of course not true and could not be farther from the truth. However we want to explain this with further detail and get to the root of where this myth started.

How a Synthetic Oil Myth Started

Synthetic oil has been around for quite a while now, however over the years it has been improved and more adequately altered to provide better results and more effective protection. Around the 1970s when synthetic oil was beginning to become more commercially available for cars it was composed of esters. Some of the esters used at that time were a bit harsher on seals inside the engine, not to mention that engine seals a that time were also made of softer materials and not as strong as those today. Some people started noticing that when they used synthetic oil, during the 70s, they were faced with a few leaks. This started creating rumors that synthetic oil was harmful to the engine. However both car manufacturers and synthetic oil companies quickly improved their products and underwent several changes that made a positive difference and eliminated any problems.

Synthetic Oil Improved and Better Than Ever

Today, using synthetic oil is truly an advantage for your engine as it offers the most complete protection, prolongs durability and improves horsepower. You can start using synthetic oil even after you used conventional oil and there is no harm in switching back and forth. Although there is no harm in doing this, there is a few reasons why it is not recommended. Mostly because if you do switch between synthetic and conventional oils you are not allowing synthetic oil to fully protect the engine at all times and may notice the complete benefits of synthetic oil such as the need for fewer oil changes.

Longer Intervals Between Oil Changes When Using Synthetic Oil

When using synthetic oil all the time you will notice an increase of savings in regards to oil changes. Due to the strength and ability of synthetic oil to withstand all sorts of harsh driving conditions and difficult temperatures it lasts longer and keeps its protective benefits intact. This leads to longer intervals between oil changes and really adds up in money saved and less maintenance needed.

Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Dublin

Even if  its your twentieth vehicle and have just started considering synthetic oil, or maybe you have had your car for many years and are thinking about the best oil to keep your car in good state for many more years, start giving your car the advantages of a synthetic oil change today. In any and all these situations and more at Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil we can help you make the best and smartest choice. We are always happy to answer all your questions and offer reliable solutions to help you prolong the engine durability and keep your vehicle running at its best, every mile of the way. Ask about our specials, Call us now at (614) 832-7737 and start using Amsoil, the most efficient full synthetic oil.

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