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Synthetic Oil and a Working Cooling System Can Prevent an Overheated Engine

In a previous post we discussed how friction is a constant danger for your engine. However, there is also another enemy that you need to vigilantly protect your engine against. That enemy is heat. Vehicles themselves generate a lot of heat due to all the work that goes on under the hood. Add to those intense temperatures the hot weather conditions during the summer and you could soon be facing an overheated engine. Since your engine desperately needs to stay cool, we want to share some information that will help you maintain safer engine temperatures this summer.

Synthetic Oil Assists in Both Heat Reduction and Absorption

Friction creates the resistance that causes the engine to build up an extensive amount of heat. Synthetic oil provides extensive lubrication that helps reduce friction. This allows less heat to be created inside the engine. However, lubrication is not the only function of motor oil. Another important job of motor oil is heat absorption. As the oil covers the engine parts and facilitates their movement, it also absorbs the heat and then cools down before continuing on with the lubrication cycle. The problem is that not all motor oils can withstand the same levels of extreme heat without being affected.

Synthetic Oil Offers Unsurpassed Heat Protection

Synthetic oil is the only type of motor oil that can reach incredibly high degrees without putting its protective properties on the line. With AMSOIL full synthetic oil you don't have to worry about the intense heat reducing the oil's lubrication properties. AMSOIL synthetic oil has a top-ranking level of heat absorption and constant lubrication. The strong resistance against heat also provides less evaporation loss that helps maintain safe oil levels. Contact Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil today and start protecting your engine with the best synthetic oil this summer.

The Importance of the Cooling System

Just like the lubrication system is the engines front line of defense against friction, the cooling system is the engine's most important defense against heat. The cooling system consists of several parts. Among the most important are: the radiator, the water pump, the thermostat, pressure cap, hoses, and overflow tank. The coolant is the crucial fluid that needs to run through this system in order to  keep the engine at a safe temperature. That is why it is so important to keep the coolant levels in check and add more as needed.

How the Cooling System Works

The water pump shoots out the cooling fluid into the engine. The cooling fluid then absorbs as much heat as it can from the engine before flowing out. When the cooling fluid leaves the engine it goes through the thermostat where depending on how hot it is, it will either go back out through the pump or cool down in the radiator. If the temperature of the cooling fluid has not reached its maximum, it is pumped back out into the engine. If it has reached very high degrees, then the thermostat will open a valve that takes the cooling fluid into the radiator where it will need to be cooled down first before the pump can send it back out.

How to Keep Coolant Levels Safe and Maintain the Cooling System Working

With so much heat inside the engine, it is normal for small amounts of coolant to evaporate and for the levels to gradually drop a bit. However, if you notice that the coolant levels are very low or that the fluid levels are quickly reduced, then take a look and check for leaks. Not all leaks are immediately obvious. Some leaks will show a large puddle of liquid under your vehicle but sometimes a leak can be so small that coolant drips unnoticed. The cooling fluid is very necessary but so are all the components of the cooling system. If you notice that the engine tends to overheat and there aren't any noticeable leaks, the first thing you want to do is have the cooling system looked at. There may be enough cooling fluid but if the water pump or any other area of the system is not working correctly, your engine can be in terrible danger.

Heat Protection With Synthetic Oil Change Specials in Hilliard

This summer, do not let an overheated engine ruin your drive. Stay protected with AMSOIL. AMSOIL offers the best synthetic oil, coolant, and other engine products that can help your vehicle perform better even when facing the hot weather. Call us immediately at (614) 832-7737 and prep your engine for this heated season.

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