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The Many Benefits of Synthetic Oil Are Evident

When the time comes for your next oil change to take place you may begin wondering just what oil is best for your vehicle. In short the answer is; synthetic oil, but let us give you a more detailed explanation. At Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil we know how essential it is to keep your vehicle well maintained and your engine running great, that is why we offer only the best products for your vehicle. Today, we want to further discuss some of the great advantages of synthetic oil so you can debate no more and go get that synthetic oil change today.

10 Advantages of Using Synthetic Oil

  1. Incredible chemical stability. This is one of the main factors that allows synthetic oil to offer such great benefits and protections. The ability of synthetic oil to withstand and maintain its chemical components intact even under extreme changes or harsh conditions is what makes it so incredible to use in all engine types and vehicles.
  2. Reduces and even eliminates soot problems. This is another large role that synthetic oil takes on. Not only does synthetic oil offer the chemical stability that allows better coverage but it also reduces the sludge that may accumulate and build up. It also protects your engine against dangerous foreign particles that could get stuck in the pieces and cause malfunctions.
  3. Improved fuel economy. Synthetic oil allows the engine to carry out its functions in a much more efficient manner, this minimizes the effort exerted by the engine and therefore reduces the amount of fuel that it needs to conduct its job.
  4. Minimized Engine Wear. Another very important way that synthetic oil is able to secure your engine is through minimizing the use and wear of the engine parts. The lubrication properties that synthetic oil provides adapt to many conditions, helping the engine stay protected even during volatile changes or harsh conditions. Thus keeping the engine parts free of harm and excessive wear.
  5. Prevents Engine problems. There are several ways that synthetic oil can help prevent engine problems. One of them as we previously mentioned is through minimizing engine wear, another is through eliminating sludge buildup, but it also functions as a stabilizer for the engine. In other words friction not only wears out the engine parts but it also creates constant heat and other effects. Synthetic oil has a stable and sturdy chemical composition that allows the oil to absorb the heat and cool off the engine so that it does not reach undesirable temperatures that can be hazardous to the engine parts.
  6. Superior Lubrication. No other motor oil can best complete the job of lubricating like synthetic oil. The complete properties and resilient elements of synthetic oil allow it to fully lubricate from start to finish,  in all types of conditions.
  7. Lasts longer between oil changes. Synthetic oil can go much longer than other motor oils without the need to be changed because it maintains its stability and provides complete protection even after long and many accumulated miles, without affecting its beneficial properties. In fact Amsoil Signature Series synthetic oil can go up to 25,000 miles before it needs to be changed. That definitely adds up to a lot of oil changes and a lot of money in the long run. Contact us today and find out more on how you can save money on your car maintenance without sacrificing great quality.
  8. Complete protection in the cold.  Synthetic oil does not become thicker in the cold, it actually adapts to offer a more fluent flow and quickly travels throughout the engine. Offering perfect protection from cold starts by immediately start lubrication and securing your engine.
  9. Incredible resistance to the heat. Unlike other motor oils synthetic oil can get the job done, even in high temperatures, without having the chemical composition breaking down or being altered by the heat.
  10. Improved horsepower. All of the benefits that synthetic oil brings to your engine allow the engine to become more efficient and function without having to work as hard to complete its function, helping the engine improve horsepower.

Synthetic Oil Change in Upper Arlington

Start experiencing these and many other benefits of using synthetic oil in your vehicle. Do not wait until it is too late and get your synthetic oil change today. We proudly provide the best synthetic oil for your engine. Amsoil has high standard quality products that will allow your engine to keep in great conditions for a very long time. Call (614) 832-7737 now.

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