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We recently discussed how important it is to keep your engine clean and free of buildup. However, there are several areas of your vehicle that need to be kept clean in order to truly maintain your vehicle in the best state possible. That is why at Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil we want to talk...

Synthetic Oil Changes Prevent and Efficiently Deal With Sludge Buildup Problems in Your Engine

One important aspect of caring for your vehicle is keeping it clean. Sure, washing your car's exterior and making sure it is looking good on the outside are important. Yet, the inside also needs to be...

Synthetic Oil and a Working Cooling System Can Prevent an Overheated Engine

In a previous post we discussed how friction is a constant danger for your engine. However, there is also another enemy that you need to vigilantly protect your engine against. That enemy is heat. Vehicles themselves...

Improve Fuel Efficiency With Synthetic Oil and These Tips

Although many advancements have helped oil technology and other car fluids improve, there is still a continuous search for better more environmentally friendly products for our vehicles. Since many of us can´t live without our cars and our...

Synthetic Oil Helps Your Vehicle Last Longer While Reducing Environmental Harm

There is no way to sugar coat this, all vehicles contaminate, at least to some degree, but they also help us complete many essential jobs and allow good things to happen. They get us places far and fast and make...

Oil Checks and Synthetic Oil Changes Prevent Most Engine Problems

Checking the oil can help avoid several difficulties in the engine of your vehicle. We have mentioned this before, but we want to take the time today to explain in further detail why checking the oil and getting a synthetic oil...
The engine is what makes your car come to life, its job is of great importance.  This means that every aspect of engine maintenance is essential, and oil changes are a key factor if you want to keep your car around for a good while. One of the most harmful effects that the engine faces...
A synthetic oil change can provide many advantages for your car, in our previous post we listed several reasons why you should get a synthetic oil change and how it can benefit the engine. One of those benefits is the fact that synthetic oil lasts much longer while keeping its protective...
In our previous post we discussed how synthetic oil is not just for cars and other vehicles, but in fact can be used for almost all machinery and motor as long as you stick to manufacturer´s recommendations regarding oil weight. Today at Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil we want to further discuss how...

The Many Benefits of Synthetic Oil Are Evident

When the time comes for your next oil change to take place you may begin wondering just what oil is best for your vehicle. In short the answer is; synthetic oil, but let us give you a more detailed explanation. At Marvin Fleming Synthetic Oil we know...

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